Don't Ignore Your Septic Tank

Turn to our team for septic system pumping services in Birmingham, AL

Septic system pumping is a key part of septic maintenance. But don't trust just anyone with the job. Turn to experts with decades of experience. Brookside Septic Tank Service offers septic system pumping services for homeowners and business owners in the Birmingham, AL area. We'll remove sludge in your septic tank, so you don't have to worry about blockages.

Set up a septic system pumping service today.

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Have your septic tank inspected by trained professionals

Catch hidden issues with your septic tank early when you arrange a septic tank inspection. Our specialists will:

  • Check the water levels
  • Visually inspect your system
  • Assess the tank, leach field and distribution box
It's best to arrange a septic tank inspection every three to five years.

Trust our team to inspect your septic tank. Call now to schedule your service in Birmingham, AL or the surrounding area.